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Our prices are easy to compute and will allways be transparent. HIFILL charges only for processing of the goods you sell and for storage space occupied on a daily basis.

Reception of goods and returns are processed free of charge.
If a pallet stays in our deposit for 10 days you only pay for the 10 days, not the whole month.

According to the product type, processing prices will vary. Typical prices for small items that ship in courier bags are:


Most goods will be stored either on euro-pallets (1.2mx0.8m) or on racks (1m x 0.4m x 1.80m high - 5 shelves each)
Pallets: €0.4 + VAT/day/pallet
Racks: €0.6 +VAT/day/rack (5 shelves)
This includes insurance by a third party insurance company


Administration €1 + VAT/ order
Plus €0.2 + VAT/ processed unit

We can offer on request custom packaging and insertion of marketing materials. We can also add stickers


Each order has its unique features: dimensions, weight and the distance required to travel to reach its destination. You can use any courier of your choice. We will also offer you special prices from our partners both for domestic and international freight.

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