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At Hifill our services are flexible and can be adapted for a small startup or a high volume commerce that is looking for cost saving.
Our goal is to ensure efficient operations and smooth communications with all our clients.


You minimize your expenses as you pay only for space that you actually use. Your goods will be deposited in optimum conditions and under constant surveillance. All goods are insured by a third party insurance company.
Our system offers reports accessible online 24/7 describing the situation and evolution of your stock. Small products will be placed on shelves. Big volume products can be stored on pallets offering cost efficient warehousing.


Our services are perfectly compatible and can be integrated with all online sales platforms but we can also receive orders in any way that suits your procedures.
We will pack the goods and issue all necessary documents that will accompany the order. We also offer special packing if required.


We can use our own contracts with couriers to select the best transport for destinations all over the world or we can send your expeditions using contracts you have directly with the couriers or transport companies.

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